BIO Digital: Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath's Keynote Address


BIO's new President & CEO, Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath calls on everyone in the biotech industry to share tell us who inspired you to become a scientist? Or who extended a helping hand that let you achieve your goals? Visit to share your story.

Laura Elsey
26 days agoJune 8, 2020
Thank you so much, Dr. Michelle.  I listened to your message and address and have learned so much and continue to learn through listening.  The Bio revolution sounds exciting and hopeful - as is your leadership.  My best to you and with appreciation.
Maria Patey
25 days agoJune 9, 2020
Inspiring and comforting to listen to this. Can-do is the only way forward.
Kolaleh Eskandanian
25 days agoJune 9, 2020
Michelle - You are an inspiration! Thank you for all you do, for your friendship and partnership. All my very best.
23 days agoJune 11, 2020
Heartwarming and very inspiring message!  So pertinent to the time we are living!
23 days agoJune 11, 2020
Thanks for reinforcing the possibilities of Bioscience Revolution to build a better, healthy life
Karen Cao
23 days agoJune 12, 2020
We Can and Must!! Thank you Michelle for your very inspiring speech!!
22 days agoJune 12, 2020
An extraordinary woman with inspirational story, very moving
22 days agoJune 12, 2020
As a minority woman in this world, I relate to everything you said, glad and proud you made it up there.. "A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink"
Betina Hernandez
22 days agoJune 12, 2020
Dr. Michelle Thank you. Inspiring! Please continue being a force for change and a great professional.
22 days agoJune 12, 2020
Excellent presentation! Congratulations Dr. McMurry-Heath!
20 days agoJune 15, 2020
Many thanks for sharing your personal story. I’m happy that you’re leading BIO.
Dana Johnson
19 days agoJune 15, 2020
Fantastic story, thanks for sharing.  I will have my teen daughters watch this as well, they are interested in science.
Pamela J Davis, MD
19 days agoJune 16, 2020
I share your hope and vision for the future and I share respect and admiration for the opportunities that Merck also provided to me. My Merck opportunity was a position in Medical Affairs - a newly formed group of physicians - Regional Medical Directors. For me, it afforded a novel way to use my scientific and clinical skills in the world of pharma. My Merck experience is key to my motivation to continue assisting  in the development of medicines that treat disease or mitigates the damage and to my college professor who believed in me - Thank you
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